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First I’ll tell you that I`m an old hippie. I did all the clichés of the 60`s. I lived in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco and lived in Southern California in the coastal towns’ beach scenes, even in a `59 Cadillac Hearse for a bit! I travelled around North America, hitchhiked through Europe and even worked on Kibbutz’s in Israel.
Throughout my life, I`ve always created art in different forms. But my favourite medium has always been T-Shirts, which I have been making for 40 years. Back then, you couldn’t get coloured T-Shirts, due to the Marlon Brando “white T-Shirt syndrome” craze. I was determined to change that and create my own coloured T-Shirt. So every week I would hop on a Greyhound bus from Ottawa to St. Lawrence Boulevard in Montreal just to pick up four dozen white Pakistani T-Shirts, at six dollars a dozen! That was a time when we all lived in co-ops. I had a big cauldron on the stove and every day I would mix a batch of different coloured Rit dye. Which meant that every day, my clothesline was an ever-changing rainbow in the backyard -much to the amusement of my immediate neighbours! And so began my evolving visual journey of T-Shirts.

Over the years I experimented with many different styles of printed shirts. When my wife and I moved to Vancouver Island in 1994, I took a hiatus from printing T-Shirts to creating folk art. This allowed me to rekindle the West Coast perspective within me and bring me back to my hippie roots. I revaluated what I was trying to convey with the images that I was producing. This set me off on a quest to create a T-Shirt that would portray the iconic nature of an idealized West Coast experience. My T-Shirt vision evolved into a portal where imagination and ideals blended into that warm fuzzy spot when life was simple and where sunshine and happiness abounded.

And thus, despite the odds, was born and has been flourishing to this day!

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